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PPC is a form of advertising which involves the advertisers paying for each click to their website or app.

PPC is a form of advertising which involves the advertisers paying for each click to their website or app. It is one of the best ways of attracting visitors online. Google Ads is one of the most commonly used PPC networks where the advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked. As a result, advertisers can strategically place their ads on search engines and social media to attract more customers. The key to PPC advertising is testing and optimizing your ad campaigns. PPC is very efficient as it is highly targeted, cost-effective, re-targeted, and trackable.

Many people know the concept of advertising, but how much do you understand the concept of paid advertising?

An ad intends to lead anyone who clicks it to the seller’s website to make a favorable action like purchasing a product. Many small businesses use some form of online ads for their products, but most try to avoid the concept of PPC.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a form of advertising that lets the advertisers place an ad on the host site and pay the host for each click to their website or app. As a digital marketer, one should have a minimum knowledge of the PPC market works.

PPC works on an auction-based system where advertisers place bids for an ad spot on the SERP, for which an auction immediately occurs for the keyword. Then, it is sold using a private automated auction using real-time data.

PPC is one of the best digital marketing channels, as businesses of any size can leverage this channel to reach their target audiences. Google and Microsoft are the ones that offer the PPC model, but now social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., are also offering the same. A PPC ad can be of different formats like search ads, shopping ads, display ads, video ads, or Gmail ads.

A PPC ad appears on a SERP when the advertisers’ ad campaign matches users’ search queries & gets triggered, and the advertiser has to pay the host only when the ad is clicked. So PPC model could generate quality leads if done right. But the key lies in optimizing the user experience, which could bring a massive ROI for minimal PPC campaigns. 

PPC model is highly effective as it can be highly targeted, trackable, cost-effective, and re-targeted. In addition, you can also include negative keywords in your ad campaigns, which prevents the ad from getting triggered by those search queries containing those keywords and avoid unnecessary traffic.